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Project development

We offer one-stop service for the entire range of real estate development services, from the acquisition of the land to the conception, planning, construction, rental and handover of the completed building to the investor. Reduced points of interface and efficient communication, as well as an interdisciplinary team of developers, architects, engineers, and asset managers guarantee a comprehensive optimisation of any project. STC DEVELOPMENT always acts according to socially responsible, sustainable and resource-friendly principles, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Project management

Project management is one of the central and essential success factors of a project. The early definition and communication of project goals and their implementation requires experienced employees with vision, leadership competence as well as assertiveness and adaptability. With our project management team, we are a competent partner at the client’s side and ensure the goal of the project are achieved despite a wide range of external parameters that can influence the outcome.  


As a reliable and interdisciplinary partner, we provide general planning services throughout all project phases and manage the planning on behalf of the client, from the architectural competition to the completion of tenant improvements. The reduction of interface points and a focus on structured and cooperative collaboration with a team of specialist planners guarantee maximum planning efficiency. Our work is based on the principle of integral planning, and we carry out ongoing quality controls of the planning packages to be delivered in order to achieve our internal standards of quality.

Local construction supervision

The client’s central requirement is a high quality of execution, while adhering to the specified cost targets and deadlines. As local construction supervisors, we advise our clients as early as the development of the awarding strategy and then support them throughout the tendering and awarding phase in order to ensure high quality and completeness of the tender. During the implementation phase, we coordinate and monitor all construction work on site - compliance with contractually agreed deadlines, costs, and quality as well as documentation are top priorities of our team.

Asset Management

An efficient and successful asset manager focuses on the entire life cycle of a property. A holistic view of the property requires effective maintenance and risk management, and provides the owner with a reliable overview of the cost and earnings situation at all times. STC DEVELOPMENT’s expertise in project management, planning, and construction supervision ensures that the owner receives technical support that goes far beyond the standard asset management services offered on the market.


Our experts in the areas of technical building services, as well as measurement and control technology develop trend-setting and future-oriented solutions for the energy supply of real estate projects. An interest in innovation, a reduction in life cycle costs and a resource-friendly approach to our environment are the constant driving forces behind our efforts to increase our expertise in this highly specialized field. Cutting-edge technical competence and always staying one step ahead, while focussing on resource efficiency and user satisfaction, ensures that your project is will be fit for the future.

Technical project analyses

We support you in your real estate transactions and conduct a technical due diligence with our interdisciplinary team to analyse all relevant factors. We prepare your feasibility study based on our comprehensive perspective, assess your property in every phase of the property life cycle, and show you the strengths and weaknesses of your asset. The know-how we have gained from previously implemented projects and the experience gathered over many years in the management of real estate in various phases of the real estate life-cycle form an integral part of our work and ensure that all relevant parameters are taken into account in their entirety.

Technical advisory

We advise you in all technical matters relating to your existing property, your land, or your intended property purchase. Through location analyses, fundamental research, and strategic project consulting, we develop a starting point for your real estate project. We assist you in setting up your project organisation and structuring your project implementation. We evaluate your technical foundations, planning documents, and descriptions in order to support you in the decision-making process.

Featured Projects

Kubus office building

Vienna, Austria
© Petra Rautenstrauch Photography

Participation STC: 30%

Services: General planning, project management, optimisation of technical building services

Gross floor space: 8.400 m²

Use: Office, garage

Time period: 2009 – 2011

DGNB Platinum certified

The Kubus office building, designed by architects Baumschlager Eberle, is part of the TownTown project development and serves, among other things, as a trendsetting office location in Vienna for STC DEVELOPMENT and the ILF Group.

By focusing on sustainability, resource conservation, energy efficiency and careful planning, maximum comfort for the building users was achieved. With the Kubus office building, we created an ultra-modern and innovative office building which, despite the intelligent design of the building, accommodates the wishes of our colleagues and creates a consistently pleasant working environment.

We are proud to have built the first office building in Austria to be awarded the GOLD Medal (now upgraded to PLATINUM) by the “German Sustainable Building Council”.


ORBI Tower

Vienna, Austria
© Petra Rautenstrauch Photography

Participation STC: 30%.

Services: Project development, project management, general planning, site supervision, optimisation of technical building services

Gross floor space: 30.600 m²

Use: Office, gastronomy

Time period: 2013 – 2017

ÖGNI Platinum certified

The ORBI Tower marks the successful completion of the TownTown project and serves as a striking eye-catcher on Vienna’s main north-south and east-west traffic axes. The ORBI Tower can be seen from both the A23 and the A4 over long distances and, together with the Wien Energie Turm, forms the south-eastern high-rise gate to Vienna’s city centre.

Its streamlined basic form, designed by architects Zechner&Zechner, forms a contrast to the surrounding cubist buildings and offers maximum flexibility in the arrangement of office spaces.

During the planning and construction phase, the main focus was on the future of work (New World of Work). The modern working environment achieved through a multitude of technical subtleties impresses with its efficiency, sustainability, and user comfort. It was awarded the PLATINUM building certification medal by ÖGNI (the Austrian Society for Sustainable Building).

Peak Vienna

Vienna, Austria
© Henning Kreft | Petra Rautenstrauch

Services: Asset management

Gross floor space: 73.500 m²

Use: Office, gastronomy, retail, garage

Time period: 2018 – today

The Peak Vienna was built in 2001 and has an above-ground usable area of around 36,000 m², which spreads out over 31 floors of the tower and several low-rise buildings surrounding it. The office floors in the tower offer around 800 m² of office space and can be divided into rental areas of up to 250 m². The spacious canteen and the coffee truck parked in the lobby complete the services offered to employees in the Peak Vienna.

With its prominent location between urbanity and Vienna’s green-blue lung, the Danube Island, the Peak Vienna forms a striking landmark on the A22 motorway.

STC DEVELOPMENT took over the asset management for this exciting and well-known building on 01 April 2018 and is responsible for the revitalisation of the location.


Vienna, Austria
© Petra Rautenstrauch Photography

Participation STC: 30% (sold)

Services: General planning, project management, optimisation of technical building services

Gross floor space: 130.000 m²

Use: Office, gastronomy, garage

Time period: 2002 – 2014

Gold & Platinum certified (ÖGNI & DGNB)

The modern, multifunctional business park TownTown in Vienna comprises 19 buildings, offering the highest standards for offices, shops and leisure facilities. One special feature of this business park is the fact that the entire area of 31,000 m² was created by covering and building over the U3 underground line and the U2 underground depot.

In addition to optimal public transport connections, the excellent infrastructure is complemented by its proximity to the international airport as well as the interface between public and private transport. All buildings in TownTown are heated and cooled by means of component activation, with the required cooling being generated locally. The Wien Energie Turm and our Kubus office building were awarded the GOLD and PLATINUM medals by the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) and ÖGNI (Austrian Sustainable Building Council).

Vienna TwentyTwo

Vienna, Austria

Participation STC: 55% (sold)

Services: Project development, project management, site supervision

Gross floor space: 107.000 m²

Use: Office, living, hotel, gastronomy, garage

Time period: 2012 - today

Certification: planned

As the core of a new centre in Vienna’s 22nd municipal district, the Vienna TwentyTwo (formerly known as Forum Donaustadt) with its two towers that are visible from afar, represents a new landmark. The realisation of the project consisting of a total of 6 buildings is trend-setting for the urban development and an enhancement of the real estate in the district. The project was developed by STC DEVELOPMENT in collaboration with the Vienna Business Agency, a fund established by the City of Vienna, up to the execution of the re-zoning of the land. At the end of 2016, it was sold to a consortium consisting of SIGNA and ARE Development.

STC DEVELOPMENT was subsequently commissioned by the new owners SIGNA and ARE Development with the project management and site supervision for the entire project.


Vienna, Austria

Participation STC: 100% (sold)

Services: Project development, project management, general planning, site supervision

Gross floor space: 24.700 m²

Use: Living, retail

Time period: 2018 - 2021

STC DEVELOPMENT is currently developing “The Metropolitan”, a 19-storey residential tower with around 370 apartments, in the immediate vicinity of Vienna’s Central Train Station. The Metropolitan aims to meet the need for modern, efficient living space, and provides a central location with excellent connections to local and long-distance public transport.

The planning process focuses on the creation of high-quality small apartments which enable an efficent utilisation due to the optimal use of space. In addition, the tenants are offered attractive common areas for usage such as a kitchen lounge, a gym with an outdoor sports area and a rooftop terrace with a magnificient view over the city center of Vienna. Commercial premises complete the offering.

The overall offer of the project is complemented by the central location with it's outstanding connection to the public transport system in close proximity to the city center, the cultural institutions as well as the variety of leisure activities in the Quartier Belvedere.

Am Kempelenpark

Vienna, Austria
© einszueins / querkraft / Patricia Bagienski-Grandits | studio-mangoshake / GernerGernerPlus | pool Architektur

Participation STC: 100%.

Services: Project development, project management, optimisation of technical building services, asset management

Use: Living, office, gastronomy, retail

Time period: 2018 – today

The Kempelenpark, formerly known as the Siemens business premises, is located east of the Sonnwendviertel in the 10th district of Vienna.

In mid-2019, STC DEVELOPMENT has acquired the entire shares of this property which is now one of the largest interim use areas in Vienna.

For the upcoming years, a phased utilization transformation is planned, which aims a metamorphosis from a pure commercial location to a future-oriented mixed quarter with focus on residential usage with a total gross building area of 135.000 m². The core element of this new project is the 1 ha public park area surrounded by residential builings, a school and a kindergarden.

Thus, the diverse and widely dispersed demand profile can be optimally met and Kempelenpark offers potential for developing and generating a liveable residential environment.


Max & Moritz

Vienna, Austria

Participation STC: 100% (sold)

Services: Project management, planning, site supervision

Gross floor space: 8.400 m²

Use: Living

Time period: 2019 - 2021

 In Vienna's 23rd district in the vicinity of Atzgersdorf STC DEVELOPMENT is realizing the residential project Max & Moritz. The project consists of two buildings with in total 119 compact apartments as well as 44 parking lots. The living space ranges between 30.5 m² and 64.5 m² in size. Approx. 80% of all apartments are smaller than 40 m². The target group for living in Max & Moritz are mostly young people and students as well as commuters. 

The project ist being developed, managed and realised by STC DEVELOPMENT and will be handed over turnkey ready to an investor.

WIth optimized and efficent layouts, Max & Moritz embodies an innovative and smart approach for a young, dynamic living experience at unbeatable rental conditions. 

Start of constructions is scheduled by the end of 2019, the finalisation is envisaged by mid 2021.

Das Herzog

Vienna, Austria
© Kurt Hoerbst

Participation STC: 100%

Services: Project Development, Planning, Site Supervision

Gross floor space: 7.243 m²

Use: Living, pastoral center

Time Period: 2021 - 2022

STC DEVELOPMENT is currently developing a six-storey residential project with 147 apartments and a commercial area with a size of 258m2

in the 22nd district of Vienna. The smart designed living spaces with compact layouts are perfect not only for singles and couples, but families would also feel comfortable in the large light-flooded apartments. Every single residential unit has its own free spaces for relaxation.

The building is tempered by a component activation, which creates a pleasant room climate through a sustainable solution.

The modern conception enables cost-conscious tenants to get the impression of an innovative living environment.

High Five

Linz, Austria
© PicMyPlace

Participation STC: 50%

Services: transaction management purchase and sale, project development, project management, project coordination

Gross floor space: 26,800 m²

Use: retail, commercial, residential, home offices

Time Period: 2021 - 2025

STC is building the "High Five" project in the city centre of Linz together with RoomBuus Holding GmbH. On a site area of 3,625 m², a building is being constructed with two wings, each with five above-ground floors and a tower with a total of 21 floor levels. The building has a two-storey underground car park in which 156 parking spaces will be provided.

The utilisation concept envisages a "Long Stay Boarding House with Home Offices", in which around 300 flats in combination with home offices will be available. In addition, there will be commercial space of around 1,500 m² on the ground floor level. All roof areas of the building will be greened. About 1,600 m² of this will be made available for use by the residents as intensive green roofs.

Taking into account the requirements of urban mobility, more than 350 easily accessible bicycle parking spaces will be provided and 30 car parking spaces will be equipped with e-charging infrastructures.


Vienna, Austria
© René Kops

Participation STC: 100%

Services: project development, project management, site supervision

Gross floor space: 4,863 m²

Use: living

Time Period: Q1/2025

STC is currently developing a seven-storey apartment building with a total of 65 accommodation units and 1 commercial unit in Odoakergasse street in the 16th district of Vienna. 
This residential unit with mainly compact two-room apartments is characterized by a good connection to the inner city as well as by a close vicinity to the nature and recreational areas.
Since the project planning started, the development of sustainable energy systems and the sustainable usage of construction materials has been a high priority.
The start of construction works is planned for the Q1 2025. 


Vienna, Austria
© Rüdiger Lainer

Participation STC: 100%

Services: project development, project management

Gross floor space: 12,840 m²

Use: currently vacant

Time Period: 2021 - ongoing

The project area WILDQUELL-NORD with a total area of about 12,840 m² is located at Wiegelestraße 12, in the 23rd district of Vienna and was purchased by STC in December 2021. Prior to the demolition carried out in winter 2022/2023, a vacant and dilapidated office building including logistics halls, originally built in 1970, was located at the site.

The project area is currently undergoing a rezoning prozess and will provide the establishment of approximately 32,300 m² GFA with mixed use (residential and commercial).


Vienna, Austria
© Flenreisz

Participation STC: 100%

Services: project development, project management, controlling

Gross floor space: 30,630 m²

Use: retail, living

Time Period: 2022 - 2027

STC is developing the project "PIER05" in Vienna. With the PIER05, a lighthouse project of the Urban Lakeside Aspern is being created on a building site of 4,090 m² directly at the lake.

The planning team Zechner & Zechner ZT GmbH / StudioVlaySteeruwitz ZT-GmbH / DnD Landschaftsplanung ZT KG emerged as the winner of the realization competition, which was concluded in March.

The design envisages a building ensemble consisting of 4 structures. The tower positioned to the south has a height of 82m, the northern high point a height of just under 60m.

The planned distribution is 25% for commercial and 75% for residential purposes. The ground floor will be mainly used for restaurants and cafés. Above this, flexible commercial space and modern living space will be created. In the basement, technical and storage areas are arranged. The parking spaces required for the project are secured on a neighboring property.

The project meets the highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency. Green roofs, green facades and PV elements are integral parts of the architecture. The open spaces are car-free throughout and thus offer the highest quality of stay.

Rathaus Quartier

Hohenems, Austria
© hof 437 Thomas Knapp

Services: project development, project management, cost management, site supervision

Gross floor space: 17.400 m²

Use: retail, living

Time Period: 2019 - 2024

STC is currently building in co-operation with the Schadenbauer Projekt- und Quartierentwicklungs GmbH the new city hall quarter on behalf of an investment company. This project comprises 4 new construction buildings with a two-story cellar. In addition, the landmarked Villa Rosenthal is being extensively renovated. It's external structure goes back to the year 1890. In total, 20 commercial spaces, 68 residential units and 167 parking spaces are being realized. The sizes of the residential units vary between 34,2 m² and 102 m². The commercial spaces can be customizable divided. Besides targeting an additional upturn and increased frequency for the city of Hohenems, this town should decrease it's traffic by its mainly public available underground parking. 

The urbanistic design has been developed jointly with the city of Hohenems in a cooperative procedure which is unique in Vorarlberg up to now. Subsequently, the project has been further enhanced jointly with 3 architects. The outcome is a quarter which is perfectly integrated with the local occurrences. The variation of different apartment sizes as well as the flexible layout plan for the commercial spaces and the architectural structure will appeal a broad audience.

The finalization of this project is planned for 2024.


Hohenems, Austria
© Schadenbauer Projekt- und Quartierentwicklungs GmbH

Services: site supervision

Gross floor space: 1,050 m²

Use: living

Time Period: 2022 - 2024

On behalf of the Schadenbauer Projekt- und Quartierentwicklungs GmbH, the company STC assumes the tendering as well as the building supervision for a residential complex in Wagnerstraße in the city of Hohenems. 

With the new building, six high-quality  condos with 2-, 3- and 4 rooms are being developed with a sustainable mixed construction in a central and quiet location. 

The new venue’s features include a distinctive sweeping porch, spacious loggias and the passion to detail by the architect‘s office of Ludescher+Lutz from Bregenz.

For more information, please refer to your the Schadenbauer‘s site:


Hohenems, Austria
© Bernardo Bader Architekten

Services: site supervision

Gross floor space: 3,000 m²

Use: retail, living

Time Period: 2022 - 2024

On behalf of the I3S Immobilien Investment GmbH, the company STC assumes the tendering as well as the building supervision for the houses in Radetzkystraße 14/16. 

The development structure in the market street of Hohenems will be kept with this new construction in the Radetzkystraße and forms in conjunction with the emerging RathausQuartier a newly designed traffic-calmed meeting place.

The engraved roofs and dormers, the arched windows on the ground floor ad well as the use of sandstone in the base area and at the window sills, emphasizes the project planned by the conpany bernardo bader architekten. 

The catering sector and the commercial premises are located at the ground floor, whereas the apartments are situated on the second floor and in the attic. 

About us

Established in 2003, STC DEVELOPMENT stands for sustainable and economically successful project developments based on the current requirements and needs of the market. STC DEVELOPMENT offers a comprehensive range of services covering the entire life cycle of a property from a single source.

In the areas of real estate development and urban development, we support our partners while placing the highest demands on ourselves, with foresight and a strong sense of responsibility towards both people and the environment.

Our partners benefit from our in-depth expertise and our extensive wealth of experience in the following service areas:

  • Project development
  • Project management
  • General planning
  • Construction site supervision
  • Asset management
  • Energy design
  • Technical project analyses
  • Technical consulting

We develop, we optimise and we implement our ideas and visions with the aim of achieving a long-term increase in the quality of life and actively shaping the future. That is our motivation.

The STC DEVELOPMENT is a sister company of the ILF Group and can therefore also draw on the more than 50 years of experience of this internationally active and renowned engineering and consulting firm.

STC Holding GmbH, based in Rum, acts as an investment company for its own project developments.

STC DEVELOPMENT GmbH in Vienna offers the services required for project development in a concentrated and project-oriented form. Due to flat hierarchies and thr project-oriented organisation of our company, we are optimally positioned to handle complex projects. Our core competencies are continuously being enhanced through sustainable human resource development and future-oriented knowledge management.

The branch office in Hohenems handles and supports project developments with local know-how in the DACH region.

Since 2019, STC DEVELOPMENT contributes actively to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Based on a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory, we identified the biggest causes and weak points regarding CO2 emissions in our company. With the help of this analysis, we derived targets for further reducing our emissions.

We also take responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions we cause and therefore support high-quality and certified climate protection projects.


2022 Urkunde STC


Matthias Waibel, M.Sc. MBA

Managing Director

Sonja Gruber, M.Sc. M.Sc.

Authorized Officer


Mag. Nadja Holzer

Authorized Officer



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